1. Pay your course fee by clicking on one of the buttons to the right.
  2. Go to "Forms" and download all of the forms listed there.
  3. Determine which saturday at noon you want to begin your course.
    1. View the YouTube "Scuba Basics" video.
    2. Come to the pool with forms filled out.
    3. Enjoy your first scuba experience with more to come!
    4. Download the Study Guide and review it.
    5. With the Study Packet in hand turn to the first Dive Table problem and watch the YouTube Dive Tables Video and complete all of the Dive Tables in the Study Guide. Check your answers with those provided.
    6. Take the Exam and put your answers on the Exam Form.


Regular Open Water Scuba Course:

Going to Cancun and want to go diving with the fish? This certification will allow you to dive anywhere in the world. The Regular Open Water Course includes Saturday Pool Sessions, study materials and gear usage in the Pool. An Additional $60.00 (approximately, based on location) will be required to complete the Open Water Certification and pay for your Certification Card.


Group Discounts:

If you have a large group (5+) contact us for information about the size of your group and when you need to complete your certification. This assumes that the group will take the classes together and will not require additional individual scheduling. Otherwise it is identical to the Regular Open Water Scuba Course.


Executive Scuba Course:

Need special training? Or maybe your schedule does not match the regularly scheduled times? This course covers all the same content but is individualized for one or two people at a time and in a way that fits your schedule and needs. Please contact us so we can setup your certification schedule.

Regular Scuba Course - $240.00


Group Discount - $200.00


Executive Scuba Course - $400.00


Special Courses