First you should watch the SCUBA BASICS video and then print out the Study Guide. Read the study guide and then if you want more detailed and in-depth understanding of the basic principles order the Dennis Graver book and either buy or rent the Scuba Diving DVD (or get it from your Instructor). You should plan on attending several 1 to 2 hour pool sessions with your instructor. You will receive hands-on instruction and begin using SCUBA equipment in the water during the first pool session. When you have read the Study Guide, turn to the first Dive Table Problem and watch the Dive Tables video. Work through all of the Dive Table Problems and check the answers provided to make sure you are doing them right.

You will be required to make at least two trips to the Open Water location which is usually at the Hot Springs in Midway (at the Homestead Resort) where the water is 94 degrees.